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bookTaylored Life Coaching and Meditation – Via Telephone or In-Person

Begin your journey to a successful, positive, prosperous and passionate life today!

Taylor is delighted to offer the same proven methods and techniques that are described throughout the book which includes Life Coaching either coupled with meditation or ala carte (which is the frosting on the cake!).

Taylor’s Life Coaching raises the level of all personal and business relationships, creating positive, stress free, and communicative unions. Taylor’s techniques are 100% successful (as long as you put the effort in) and have been proven time and time again to reach the epitome of triumph and a level of success that strengthens connections and continues to build healthy, positive relationships.

The type of Meditation that Taylor teaches has been endorsed by the Mayo Clinic as a powerful mind-body complementary medicine. You will experience an increased feeling of well-being, your stress and anxiety will vanish, you will achieve a positive attitude, and you will begin to focus on the real priorities in your life with clarity. This simple technique has an extra added bonus…an organic pay-it-forward because as you begin to live a positive, prosperous and passionate life everyone around you will also reap the benefits. It’s a win-win! Meditation is simple in nature, non-religious and takes just twenty minutes.

Literally, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, and it’s Taylored to fit your schedule and budget!

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Every speaking engagement is unique and Taylor will customize the event to fit your audience. For once, size does not matter. Taylor will work with you and/or your company to provide the most uplifting, positive exhilarating experience. Her common sense and savvy, uncomplicated advice on how to create a positive, passionate balanced lifestyle in relationships, business, parenting and marriage, will change the audience’s mindset, not for just that day, but for their lifetime.

Taylor will share her diet secret to losing negative weight and keeping it off. Her instant gratification approach for the 21st Century resonates with the audience and all who have read her book and have done the work. Although these are simple tasks, exercises and catch phrases they have proven to change negativity into a positive, passionate life style in an instant.

The residual affect is having Taylor in your head whenever you need a friend to remind you to Flip-Switch and change the negative into positivity, effortlessly…it works!

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All emails are answered within 24 hours. Now go BUY THE BOOK.


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